Predictions involving Crime

There are times when we meet clients that we recognize  the information we are tuning into is not going to be easy to tell them.

We always begin by explaining that we work with positive energy and not with the perceived media picture of thunder and lightening and things that go bump in the night!

However, some information just feels necessary to tell, you have to take a deep breath and carry on

Lee and I had done a radio interview with BBC Radio Leeds, followed by an interview in the Yorkshire Evening Post. We were fully booked for our forthcoming days at the Queens Hotel and looked forward to meeting all of our clients.


In swept a very confident and well dressed lady. My first client. Clearly from Yorkshire she  spoke with authority and clarity. Reminding me of a girls school headmistress.

Initially I felt a little intimidated by her prescence. As is customary I gave her the choice of having just her palms read or the crystal and the palms. She chose the latter.

I gave her the crystal to hold for a few minutes, this is part of the process of her 'energy' infusing the crystal so that I can 'Tune' in to it.

As she handed the crystal back to me I immediately saw prison bars!

I took a breath and waited for the information to build clairvoyantly.

Words and pictures come all at once, so I have to take a moment to translate what I am seeing.

I could feel her impatience, her eyes urging me to get on with it...............................




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31.01 | 21:00

Hi guys, great to see you both today & catch up after many years. You made a great impression on my family. Keep in contact, speak soon.
Regards, Dave Charles.

18.09 | 01:45

Hi Julie, Dawn here, Chrissies daughter. I absolutely loved your book and it has inspired me to embrace life with my soulmate and not be afraid or feel guilty

29.07 | 01:06

Such a nice read. Always reassured by Julie's optimism that I'm on the right path and excited to follow the future to love, trust and a happy family!

12.02 | 00:44

Brings a smile to my face.