Memorable Readings

 Years before I even knew that I would marry Lee Petulengro, a descendant of a dynasty of Romany Clairvoyants, I was learning about the craft in my own way. Unbeknown to me  I was serving a kind of invisible apprenticeship.

As people got to  hear about my interest in Mediumship and Clairvoyance they were approaching me for 'readings'.

My mothers cousin had married a very handsome chap, I believe that he was a Humber Pilot and looked very dashing in his uniform. It was a real Love match and anyone that saw them together instantly became aware of that.

He set off for work as usual, no signs of anything untoward.

The dreaded phone call happened. He had collapsed and died at work.

She rang me and asked if I would see her. Because it was family I felt under pressure immeadiately, knowing that any 'message' I might receive would be questioned as something that I must already know.

However my second cousins husband must have given that some thought and imparted the following information.

"Would you please tell my wife that I had written to her before I died, its a poem about my love for her and our son"

I passed on the message but she had no idea what I was talking about.

I asked him, "Where is this letter"?

To which he replied, "Its in my wardrobe"

When she returned home she had everything out of his wardrobe. Carefully tucked away was the letter that was indeed a poem, she had never seen it before nor did she know he wrote poetry.!

This is the type of proof that can never be questioned. She still has the poem today, over 35yrs later.  

Sometimes in our greatest depths of despair our loved ones want us to know they are still there for us, and the only way they can give confirmation is by referring to a future event that we know nothing about.

They never interfere just support us with their unconditional Love 







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31.01 | 21:00

Hi guys, great to see you both today & catch up after many years. You made a great impression on my family. Keep in contact, speak soon.
Regards, Dave Charles.

18.09 | 01:45

Hi Julie, Dawn here, Chrissies daughter. I absolutely loved your book and it has inspired me to embrace life with my soulmate and not be afraid or feel guilty

29.07 | 01:06

Such a nice read. Always reassured by Julie's optimism that I'm on the right path and excited to follow the future to love, trust and a happy family!

12.02 | 00:44

Brings a smile to my face.