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It was the height of the summer season in Skegness.

Lee was busy all day with regular and new clients. His Dukkering Place, or in English, Palmistry Place was situated on the clock tower corner. Miles and I would go for long walks along the beach or around the amusements. Sometimes popping in to see Madam Petulengro, Lee's mother. Her Palmistry place was on the pier, but more often than not she was too busy to have a break and a chat with us. Like Lee she had many clients old and new, who couldn't wait to see her.

As the summer progressed Lee was quietly and carefully encouraging me to think about 'seeing' one or two of his clients. Now this was a huge leap of faith for me. One thing for people to approach me who had heard about me through the grapevine, to sitting professionally in a consulting room. As always his confidence in me and my ability was leading me forward to the day that I would do my first reading in such a famous family place.

Lee's mother gave me my own set of crystals, they had been handed down through the family, so I felt that they had their own bit of magic. The day came, I was highly nervous, but somehow once I got started with the reading it flowed. When I had finished with what I had to say I asked the client if she had any questions. She seemed as flabergasted as me about the information 'given' in the reading. 

So my new career began.

This is where Destiny had been leading me all this time, as they say, you couldn't make it up.

We worked together for the rest of that season when Lee announced "I think you should have your own place next year" "We'll look for something between my place and my mothers place"

The place we found was under the pier. It was in dire condition, damp and smelly. 

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31.01 | 21:00

Hi guys, great to see you both today & catch up after many years. You made a great impression on my family. Keep in contact, speak soon.
Regards, Dave Charles.

18.09 | 01:45

Hi Julie, Dawn here, Chrissies daughter. I absolutely loved your book and it has inspired me to embrace life with my soulmate and not be afraid or feel guilty

29.07 | 01:06

Such a nice read. Always reassured by Julie's optimism that I'm on the right path and excited to follow the future to love, trust and a happy family!

12.02 | 00:44

Brings a smile to my face.