Our new Life together began

Lee had lived back in his trailer for about 7 months. I felt he had been able to release some of the sorrow and sadness that comes with the end of a marriage. It is a type of grief, you have to mourn what you have lost and for what might have been. The terrible feelings of letting everyone down.

As I was getting to know him, it was very obvious that his compassion towards others was strong and meaningful.

"I know my trailer isn't what you are used to, but would you and Miles come and live with me in Skegness?"

In a nano second I gave him my answer. "Nothing would make me happier"

I loved that trailer. Everything had its place. You couldn't be untidy. otherwise there wasn't anywhere to sit! It wrapped itself around us and gave me the best feeling of security that I had ever had. It was warm, compact and cosy and most importantly filled to the seams with Love!



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31.01 | 21:00

Hi guys, great to see you both today & catch up after many years. You made a great impression on my family. Keep in contact, speak soon.
Regards, Dave Charles.

18.09 | 01:45

Hi Julie, Dawn here, Chrissies daughter. I absolutely loved your book and it has inspired me to embrace life with my soulmate and not be afraid or feel guilty

29.07 | 01:06

Such a nice read. Always reassured by Julie's optimism that I'm on the right path and excited to follow the future to love, trust and a happy family!

12.02 | 00:44

Brings a smile to my face.