A Romany Boy

As the Romany Wagon turned into the 'Horse and Groom yard at Holbeach it became obvious there was a certain need of urgency. Madam Adeline Petulengro was in the first stages of labour. The Wagon was directed to the most secluded place there was to offer. The men were sent away as was the Romany way. Nothing could be 'Mokadi'(this means dirty) Hygiene was an absolutely necessary thing  and had to be observed in the full Romany tradition. The baby to be born must not be tainted by the 'Gorgia' ways.( A Gorgia is a non Romany)

Lee was his given Romany name although he does have other names that generally are not known to members outside of the family. This stems from various superstitions rooted in the past, and was to 'protect' him from any mischievous spells that may be 'cast'. by a 'chavacanon' (witch)

The year was 1946, 14th February to be precise, so of course one of his names is Valentine!

He was a healthy robust baby, although a little disappointment showed on the face of Madam Petulengro. She had longed for a girl, as she already had two boys. A girl that she could 'teach' all the Romany ways of mixing herbs for health.

Romany Ancestry


People of the Romany ancestry are scaterred throughout the world.

The origins and history of the Romany's can be established through a study of their neo-Aryan language which has been traced to the northwest of India. They probably left that area 1000 years ago as subsequent linguistic changes in the Indus Valley region are not found in the "Romani" language.

Their nomadic life between the 10th and 15th centuries is difficult to trace.

History often confuses them with other itinerant minorities, tinkers and entertainers, and now New Age travellers that have absolutely no historical link to the 'true' Romany. However records do exist which distinguishes the Romany's more precisely by their language, and tells of their slow trek across Europe by 1471.

In the early 15th century their migration gathered momentum and the Romany population dispersed itself as far as Britain, Spain and other parts of western Europe

There is documented evidence of the Genocide of European Roma Gypsies. The Nazis judged them to be racially inferior and their fate in some ways paralleled that of the Jews. They were subject to arbitrary internment, forced labour and mass murder.

Approximately 25% of all Roma Gypsys were killed in places like Auschwitz. 

Fast forward, and we find that the Petulengro family still travelled together, but now here in the UK.

The Family travelled in groups of Aunts, Uncles, Cousins, and Grandparents. Each there for the other a real family.

They were well known on the roads of Lincolnshire by the locals and farmers who had absolutely no hesitation in welcoming them onto their farms to use as 'stopping places'

It was a 'life' they all loved. Freedom, fresh air, and never bored. Living off the land, today we would  think 'oh how healthy', not to be couped up inside.

Feeding and tending to the horses, collecting wood for the fire, and coursing hares for supper, with the family greyhounds.

They had literally centuries of inherited ability, family tradition, information and true gifts.

Their 'Crystals' had been passed down through the family and were regarded as extremely precious, 'powerful and accurat

As a little boy Lee could be found underneath his mothers table where the precious crystals nestled on a bed of purple velvet. He loved listeneing to his mothers soft and lisping voice as she advised people about their daily lives. Her visions and insights causing gasps and also laughter.

Even before he knew anything about the world of the adult and its trials and tribulations he was absorbing an ancient wisdom that cannot be found in any books. Listeneing to the care and concern his mother and grandmother had for their 'clients'

To always treat them with repect no matter how 'strange ' their problems were


As a boy Lee became aware of a strange phenomenen ocurring when he went to bed.

He would easily slip into a contented sleep. The next minute, or so it seemed, he was awake, but instead of finding himself in bed next to his brothers he 'appeared' to be in a light oak panelled hexagonal room! There was a round table around which sat 8 people. As his mind absorbed the scene he realised he was in fact 'looking down on them from above', floating above them close to the ceiling.

Of course this created a shock wave of reaction within him and he began to gasp, the air catching in his throat, only to find himself back in bed next to his brothers. This happened on several occasions.

Today we now understand this to be an OOBE OR OUT OF BODY EXPERIENCE.

Many people that have the gift of clairvoyance experience this.

His thoughts on this today are that he was 'seeing' a seance take place and that his spiritual energy had been drawn to the 'Light'


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