An Invitation to a Development Circle

My 'invitiation'  into a ' developing circle' came unexpectadly.

 The door opened and a waft of cigarette smoked escaped, Irene looked me up and down and announced, 'I've been waiting for you', her voice was course and gravelly from too many cigarettes, and I admit to a feeling of trepidation.

'Oh I'm sorry am I late', I asked.' No come in and sit down' she said.

Well clearly Irene didn't spend or shall we say waste her time on tidying up for her public! The room she ushered me into also served as her bedroom, as she plonked herself down on the unmade bed, and took a swig of lemonade from the bottle at the side of her bed.

She announced, 'My Spirit Guide has told me all about you' She then talked about relevent events in my life and my forthcoming marriage. Once she had got all of that out of the way

she explained what she meant about the fact that she had been waiting for me.' I want you to come to my  development circle, on Tuesday nights', 'Your real future is to appear before public with this work, in a way that makes my work seem very little'

As you may imagine I was a bit confused, yes I knew I was Clairvoyant but couldn't imagine working with it to the extent she was describing.



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31.01 | 21:00

Hi guys, great to see you both today & catch up after many years. You made a great impression on my family. Keep in contact, speak soon.
Regards, Dave Charles.

18.09 | 01:45

Hi Julie, Dawn here, Chrissies daughter. I absolutely loved your book and it has inspired me to embrace life with my soulmate and not be afraid or feel guilty

29.07 | 01:06

Such a nice read. Always reassured by Julie's optimism that I'm on the right path and excited to follow the future to love, trust and a happy family!

12.02 | 00:44

Brings a smile to my face.