Love with Second Sight!


The lure of the cosmetics counters was starting to prove irresistible. Every day I could try out new lipstick, perfume or a myriad of other products. Elizabeth Arden were advertising for a Consultant and I felt irrevocably drawn to apply for the position. I was just 19 and the advert was for someone over 21, never the less I went for the interview. Happily I got the job and loved every minute of it. Our training was in Grosvenor St; London. The course was very intense as this again was a whole new direction revolving around product info and related sales

We were encouraged to go out to give demonstrations of the skincare and make-up products, to places for example like the Womens Institute. I arranged to do this at the local Crest Hotel, at 7.00pm.

That day was to give me, my friends and family the proof, or the nearest you're going to get of the existence of Guardian Angels

I started to get ready for the demo and had decided on a particular blouse that I really liked. Just as I was putting it on I noticed the seam around the armpit had come unstitched, now you know when you have the thought must have clean underwear on in case I am in an accident well it was just that same thought but refering to the blouse. However I went ahead and covered it with a shortsleeved dress thinking nobody can see it now, and I havn't got time to sew it up anyway.

I set off in good time in mums mini, just as I had gone literally around the corner the cold clammy feeling descended that was the sign of 'Spirit' I began to shiver a bit and the voice in my head warned me not to go any further. I think I sat their a good 10 minutes trying to pull myself together as the ominous feeling lifted slightly, a big part of me just wanted to turn back but I had all these people waiting for me so I carried on. The demo went off without a hitch everyone thoroughly enjoyed it and I thought job well done. I re-loaded the car and set off. I was going to meet friends for a drink and was in good time. As I turned a corner to go over a bridge one of the demo stands toppled onto me, the shock made me let go of the steering wheel and I mounted the kerb crashing into a lampost the car hovering very close to the edge of the bridge under which, was the railway. It's true that when these things happen everything slows down, it seemed a few minutes but it was probably only seconds before I became aware of what had happened.  Sirens began to wail in the background, police, ambulance and fire engine arrived simulaneously.

I learnt a lot from that experience, when your Guardian Angel is trying to help you...... Listen! They will alert you in ways that you can understand.  



Shortly after my training in London my colleague left Carmen. They advertised for a new Senior Consultant. The girl that took that job was full of personality, lively, quirky and fun. We really enjoyed working together. Contact between us came and went many times over the following years. Sadly a great tragedy occured in her life, some would say the greatest loss. The death of a child.

I was to become spiritually involved in this when it occured many years after we had worked together.

 The above, Sandies story is told in Chapters 10 and 11.

During this time my friendship with Julie continued to grow. We had fabulous times full of fun. I loved her personality and her style. Eventually we worked together for Carmen, usually surpassing any targets that they set for sales.

At this time she met and became engaged to her husband of today, whose father had the local Renault Garage. The engagement party was held at Julies' parents house. This home was full of laughter, generosity and love with eccentricity thrown in for good measure. Julie's mum always had pans of food cooking on the stove, so anytime you called in you were offered a meal! There was a kind of chaos about it all but it had a very special atmosphere that I couldn't ignore. Her father was a fisherman, and for anyone who doesn't know, it's a very hard life

Many men in that job docked from their ship and went straight to the nearest pub with their wages, and some stayed until they had drank the lot! Julie's father was a drinker and often the bath would be used to make his home brew, to hell with anyone wanting a bath. Julie's mum would come home to find that her husband had decided whilst drunk to knock down the wall dividing the front room from the back room, got halfway through and either got fed up or was horizontal from his home brew. He wasn't the easiest father or husband but no-one was gloomy they had a fantastic outlook and in spite of everything laughter ruled the day. They had the sort of quick wit that makes for comedy.I was later to discover that on her mothers side of the family there were theatrical connections and that Peter Sellars was a relative, so that probably gives you an idea of the fun in that house.

On one very memorable occasion I was coming down the stairs at Julie's house, we had been getting ready for a night out. I was singing 'Something tells me somethings going to happen tonight', a Cilla Black song.  When a voice boomed out, 'It ....... well will if you put your hands on that wet paint', Julie's dad had decided to paint the landing!

Finally when it came to the death of her father Julie did go to the funeral, although she was under no illusion as to just how difficult her father had made the whole families life. Knowing full well that there were many times her mother had to have three jobs. In her usual honest and straight forward way after the service she asked the driver of the funeral car to drop her off at the local bingo hall where she went on to win £ 200!


The most important things in Life, are not things.!

This was the lesson I was to learn the hard way.

The year was 1981, I must have looked absolutely ridiculous in my Yves Saint Laurent outfit finished off with a flourish of fur. I think it was a squirrel jacket, and no I wasn't about to attend a fabulous party. I was being driven to the Lincolnshire seaside resort of Skegness in a gleaming brand new Jaguar by my friend Silla, a rather straight and plain speaking Icelandic, and accompanied by another lovely loyal friend, Jill.

The purpose of our  visit was to have a Reading with The Internationally Famous Romany Gypsy, Lee Petulengro, who, I was assured by my friends, would give me all the answers I was looking for to sort out the mess that had become my life.

That day was to change my Life forever,.... in ways now,.... it simply seems impossible to have even dreamt about!




The event that changed me, if you like made me aware of perhaps another existence was the death of my grandma.


For a lady that was so loving and kind she didn't have an easy passing. The family watched her steady decline after a massive heart attack at the age of just 62. The funeral was arranged and I so wanted to attend but I was not allowed. It wasn't thought  suitable for a 10yr. old. Needless to say I was devastated and incredibly sad. So after school on the day of the funeral I went to the cemetry where I knew she was buried, to find her.

I found the grave quite easily although it was a large sprawling place. I had no fear just the need to connect with her. In my heart I knew she was alright and in my head I felt her words of comfort and in my soul I felt her prescence completly   I really don't know how long I stayed there that day but it became a place I visited often. This was my aha aah moment, now I would probably call it an epiphany, I knew with certainty that we didn't die.


Thinking back to this revelation, my behaviour started to change quite dramatically. My friends were drawn into my strange but somehow magical thinking that we could 'contact' people from the 'other side'. Because I was so young I really had no doubt about this, where as I think If I had been older the logical side of me would have dismissed it.

So it began. I could be found at school lunchtime underneath a pile of coats for darkness, srrounded by my excitable friends, with a piece of mirror to reflect the faces of the Spirits. 

The best explanation I can give about how this feels is, its like learning another language, as you learn the words an invisible world opens up to you.  Having this other Dimension opening up to me was just like that, revealing itself to me bit by bit as I accepted and explored it. This became my own personal journey completely at my own pace not forgetting I was only a child.

I was rumaging around in a sideboard at home not really knowing what I was looking for but came across a maroon leather box lined wih velvet. Inside of the box was a set of cards A-Z and a set of numbers think 1-52. No other markings on them, so clearly they were not cards for playing bridge. I think it said lexicon on the leaflet (must look that up ) Now that I am commiting my memories to paper I have indeed looked that up. Wikipedia says, it is a linguistic concept, it derives from the Greek for words or speech. To say or to speak. So these cards were used for this except the words were coming from the 'other side' 





 Understanderbly there was the odd nightmare where I would rush through to my parents room and insist they let me into bed! I would be checking under the bed in the wardrobes etc,.  I was to learn that when I was' feeling'  a spirit prescence my skin became cold and clammy its an unmistakable feeling and perhaps one that I will never get used to, but accept as part of me and the process.

I  do remember having a recurring dream about people that lived in what I would probably decribe as caravans with colourful woodwork but didn't connect this with anything in particular.

As a teenager I told one of my closest friends the full name of the boy she would marry, he wasn't known to her, or me for that matter I never questioned what I was told and had absolutely no hesitation about passing on the messages as they came . It was just a part of me, something that I could do, never realising that one day it would become the centre of my whole life After all I was just a young girl with dreams of a job that I would love and a future husband and family of my own.


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Hi guys, great to see you both today & catch up after many years. You made a great impression on my family. Keep in contact, speak soon.
Regards, Dave Charles.

18.09 | 01:45

Hi Julie, Dawn here, Chrissies daughter. I absolutely loved your book and it has inspired me to embrace life with my soulmate and not be afraid or feel guilty

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Such a nice read. Always reassured by Julie's optimism that I'm on the right path and excited to follow the future to love, trust and a happy family!

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Brings a smile to my face.